About Us

Company History

Established in 1991, (as Matrix Asset Allocation, Inc.) Matson Money is a full service Registered Investment Advisor firm offering asset management services through independent financial professionals nationwide. Our unique approach to investing is firmly grounded in Nobel-Prize winning financial and economic principles. We believe that every investor should understand and feel confident about their investment approach.

Very early in our history as a company, we established four basic core values that have guided our policy and business decisions for nearly twenty years. Whenever faced with difficult decisions these are the litmus test for making the right choice for our investors, advisors, and team.


Company Values

Integrity is the foundation of these beliefs. What integrity means to us is that if we say it, we believe it and take actions that demonstrate that belief. We strive to make our actions and decisions consistent in everything we do.

We believe that education and constant inquiry is critically important. This applies to us as an organization – we never want to stop learning, growing, and creating new ways to help investors. It applies to our investors who we continually develop new tools and educational programs for every day. And it applies to our advisors who we constantly provide new educational tools and training for on an ongoing basis.

The power of the entrepreneurial spirit is unlimited. As a small business we understand that individuals and their unique creativity is what creates real change in the world. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit within our organization as well as through the independent advisors we work with.

Free Markets Work! Free markets are the greatest wealth creation tool on the planet. There is no more efficient way for investors to create wealth than investing in capital markets. Matson Money is keeping capitalism cool every day.

At Matson Money it is our mission to help individuals create the wealth they need to have the life they want. Through global diversification and participation in free market economies we are encouraging prosperity and freedom around the world.


Save The Investor, Save The World!